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Hey, buddies! Have you heard anything about Abandoned – an amazing escape adventure game? Can you accomplish all the challenges here clearly and perfectly? Time to prove your ability!Right after participating in here, the players are required to deal with all the tricky puzzles. Surprisingly, all the problems lead to the final important answer! It's time to stimulate the brain! Look at the playing field, guys! Here you are – standing in a strange world. To get out of this place, players should move to each frame and finds objects, evidence, etc. to figure out the current position. Once seeing any hidden tools or clues, don't mind snatching them all immediately as they play an important role later. Observe the screen carefully as the items might be hidden behind some huge objects, i.e. stones, tree, etc. Find a key to unlock a new world, remember!In Abandoned, you can use Hint to perform the job efficiently and quickly. Good luck!

How to play

To do all things in this game, please avail the mouse.