Adventures Of Knight

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The story around Adventures Of Knight depicts a poor Knight who has loved a pretty princess of a King at the first sight. But, they don't have a happy ending like others, as the King never approves their relationship. To separate the young couple, he has locked the princess in a dark castle located at the mountain's peak. How miserable the story is! Please help the knight go through several forests full of guards to rescue his lover!At present, he is in need of your support and guidance to deal with all guards ahead. Every player is assigned to a job of moving him safely along the platforms to eradicate all the enemies while picking up the colored gems. Ah, his target is the mysterious slot in every forest. Let him approach it after defeating the rivals and grasping the gems. The red hearts are also useful to recover his health, remember!Good luck to you during Adventures Of Knight!

How to play

The arrow keys are for walking. The spacebar is for attacking.