After The Credits

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After saying goodbye to Lance, a brilliant gunman in Contra Flash – Bill – continues other his adventure, namely After The Credits. What must he fulfill now? Enter the main game board right away!Rolling-play Bill is your first task! Next, please find a way to reach the territory of the evil Boss. Well, Bill has just been entrusted with a task of bringing a pretty princess, who's kidnapped and imprisoned in a dark cave, back to the castle. At first, it is a need to train Bill basic skills, like cleverly moving, jumping, and using the gun! Once detecting any deadly creature, players should aim and shoot fireballs at them to preserve the main character's life. Otherwise, the game will stop instantly! Overcome all the obstacles to enter the next stages!Have a memorable in After The Credits!

How to play

Travel around by Arrow keys. Jump by Z key. Fire by X key.