Age Of War 2

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Hi, all gamers of Age Of War 2! How do you feel if we lead you backward the Stone Age when the battles for prosperous lands never stopped? You'll also be more dazzled right after realizing that you have permission to try the role as a smart leader, who controls a troop of cavemen. How wonderful it is! Play the game at once!Guiding the troop of cavemen to the resounding victory in the wars against bad minions and monsters is the main purpose the commander aims to. At present, every player must display their brilliant and perfect tactics in the combat. Then, deliver the cavemen to the battleground, and then deploy them in a logical way so as to prevent the enemies from marching to the home base. Meanwhile, try best to ruin the hostile bastion. We advise you to release the secret weapons down onto the opponents' heads to kill them once the income has increased. Further, don't forget about equipment.Do best to crush down all ugly rivals in Age Of War 2 and become the best general!

How to play

The left mouse is tapped to play the game.