Age Of War

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It's unbelievable! Playing Age Of War , you are guided to a weird land where there are lots of dinosaurs, cavemen, rocks, and antique weapons. Actually, you will stay in the prehistoric age right after the first click. More excitingly, you are entitled to experience the role as a former general who manages a caveman troop. Try the game now!Guiding cavemen to the hostile base to devastate it is the core objective during the game. To do this, hire the probable caveman units by using the limited fund, and send them to the battlefield. They will automatically flock to the enemy base and break it. The enemy units' death brings back gold. Use it to continue recruiting the more powerful cavemen, and more than that, let's get upgrades with the incredible power to crush down a large number of enemies.How do you feel when becoming the commander of a caveman troop? It's funny, right? Taste this feeling in Age Of War now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to play Age Of War.