Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls

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We have just heard that Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls is concealed by an amazing secret. What is it? Travel with us to find out the truth now!

Here is an old man! In fact, he is in a miserable situation, as he's asked to deliver all the magic scrolls to the locals in the Fairyland. Well, it seems that The Highness wants to announce something crucial. Don't just stand and utter anything nonsense; instead, please assist the man in accomplishing the mission well! You are required to find efficient ways to throw such the scroll towards the residents without touching any in-front obstruction; otherwise, it can be burnt down. There are also many obstacles (walls, flames, spike traps, planks, etc.) that players can encounter. Wisely switch the scrolls with other tools to confront any hard case.

Got it? Please visit Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls to have your own fun time! Good luck!

How to play

Only the mouse is availed to throw the scrolls.