Angry Gran Run

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The dull asylum is not suited to Angry Gran, who is fond of the energetic life. Thus, she finally decides to escape from here and experience the fun trip around the city. Look! She is likely to run without awareness. That's why Gran is really in need of a clever controller like you. Devote time to Angry Gran Run right now, dear all players!What importantly to do, at present, is to maneuver Gran while she is moving on the pathways around the city so that she is able to evade all the obstructions and reach the final destination safely. It is worth remembering that her speed may not even be controlled by herself. As a result, be skillful, smart, fast, and alert to keep her far away from all the dangers at the proper time. Much fun!Just show us your brilliant performances through the interface of Angry Gran Run!

How to play

Turn by the left and right arrow keys. Jump or slide by the up and down arrow keys. Lean right or left by the X or Z key.