Avatar Arena

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Feel easeful to enter Avatar Arena to join in the intense war! What for? Let's help the main character win a final victory now!At first, it's a must to choose a certain power among 4 elements (Water, Earth, Fire, and Air) and customize your hero of favorite. Then, bring him to the Training Room for a basic fighting course. Try best to aid him in knowing how to take advantage of his extraordinary capability proficiently. When he is now ready for the real fight, please lead him towards the Tournament Arena where he must confront 20 strong rivals. As his wise controller, you should use your brilliant skills and tactics to attack the hostiles so that you can win a gorgeous victory in each round. All secrets of martial arts should be kept in your mind and heart only, since they play an important role in the war!Try best to conquer the tournament in Avatar Arena to become the greatest fighter! Happy fighting!

How to play

The arrow keys: Movement. The Spacebar key: Attack.