Awesome Conquest

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Among many different types of game online, such the simple strategy games often get much attention from multiple players. And one of the prominent examples is Awesome Conquest. Make no hesitancy to become its users instantly! Come on!The game asks you to perform a lot of intimidating activities. Firstly, set up a strong bastion with a large troop for the battle against the enemy force. Then, train your warrior unit and transfer it to the battlefield so that the war between these 2 forces will automatically take place. Thirdly, recruit monks and miners who help you mine gold and increase the budget. Finally, make deals on acts of God while heightening the troop to prepare for other next battles. Don't mind landing on here to become a good general in the conquest war.Dare to conquer Awesome Conquest? We believe that you may do it! Good luck!

How to play

Hold the left mouse to play Awesome Conquest.