Bear in Super Action Adventure

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How terrible! Our planet is now being invaded by a swarm of green bunnies, bees, and even flying pumpkins? Actually, they sound a little threatening. Fortunately, there is one thing they had not reckoned with. Yes, heroic teddy bear, who is well armed, wants to defeat all the invaders. Join in Bear in Super Action Adventure and become his companion right now!Of course, the gun automatically shoots whenever you maneuver the bear by the left mouse. The bear's health is represented by the green bar at the top of the screen. It is quite possible to click to activate your super shot once the yellow bar is full. Along the way, don't forget to gather coins which are useful to spend on a variety of upgrades. Make use of the hero's special abilities to turn such the rabbit into a stew.Have yourself fully prepared for the upcoming battle! Good luck to you during Bear in Super Action Adventure!

How to play

Move anywhere with WASD/Arrow keys or the mouse. Apply the abilities by left-mouse or spacebar.