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The simple but addicting idle game, called Beez, soon gets much attention from a lot of players at the first glance. Want to know how to play the game flawlessly? Come with us for more information!What every player must consider include gathering honey from cells and distracting hives! Just launch your hard clicks on a prominent cell at the center so as to fill the honey faster. Whenever a honey cell is nicely tapped, the process of upgrade shall be automatically done. Focus on the current level and XP process at the top of the screen while money bar is presented on the left side. The earned cash should be spent on upgrades, bees, cells, and layers. Further, it is equally vital to zero in on money, level, XP, colony strength, and hives.Enter Beez and check whether I may set high scores and receive many achievements or not! Fun time!

How to play

Enjoy the game’s content by the mouse only.