Bomb It 2

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Have ever enjoyed Bomb It a lot of times, due to its irresistible content? Then, Bomb It 2 really becomes an awesome innovation because it contains more thrilling challenges and more prominent graphics. Set the sequel to Bomb It in motion right away, dear all players!Like the previous chapter, the current game is also divided into different levels, from the ease to difficulty. Every level is designed as a mysterious maze full of obstacles, enemy robots, and valuable items (speed boosters, shields, frogs, mega-bombs, gloves, double shotguns, hammers, race cars, flame throwers, etc.) All players must do is to drop the bombs along the pathways of the maze to eradicate the blocking obstacles so as to explore and gain the above beneficial items. Additionally, placing the bombs must be wise and strategic to detect the enemies when they are running along the paths.Bomb It 2 is now ready to be discovered. Tap the Play button to take action now!

How to play

Drop bombs with the spacebar key. Step around with the ASDW/arrow keys.