Bomb It

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What to do when staying at a large maze full of threats and obstacles? To have a real experience, we will lead you towards Bomb It.At that time, players will role-play a talented bomber who is entrusted with task of killing all enemies by placing bombs. What for? Of course, you have to find the exit to escape from this horrible area, right? Don't forget to wander around the maze, seek for a suitable position, and then drop bombs to explode the obstacles in front. After making a path, quickly and cleverly approach the rivals' terrain so as to bury them with bombs. While doing your missions, please compile power-ups, like ice (freeze rivals), rockets, gloves, shoes, grenades, shields, and more. Ah, do best to accomplish each level well before the time is over.Good luck to you all in Bomb It!

How to play

Make use of the arrow keys to roam around. The Spacebar is for placing bombs.