Boule And Bill

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The hot game, namely Boule And Bill, revolves around a journey of Bill, who has a desire to grab all the sparkling coins in the air. However, the task is never fulfilled without great support from you, dear player! Let's go!At present, players should be in charge of maneuvering Bill along many different streets surrounding the city's park so that he may snatch all the coins from the air. The more coins he achieves, the higher chances he can unlock new features is. Remember that the pathways he is going are full of obstructions, like rocks, dogs, cars, riders, planks, dark holes, and more. Once Bill smashes against one of them, then the game will surely end.Don't waste time anymore! Bill is ready to set his discovery in motion. How about you? Have an access to Boule And Bill instantly.

How to play

The arrow keys are hit to run.