BoxHead More Rooms

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Box Head - More Rooms is now ready to be explored. Those, who have already tasted its first release, will have a chance to check their fighting abilities and try more tough challenges! Let's play!Feel interested in the game's idea and content? The latest update contains many different rooms that must be well defended from the conquest of horrifying zombies. Such the critters are really crowded, and they are marching in each of the rooms. You are required to keep the role of a talented shooter, who must eradicate them from the game interface. Access each room, wander around every area, detect the rivals' positions, and use the given weapon to beat up all of them. It's worth keeping in mind that the Bosses possess special strengths, so it might be an intimidating task to cope with them. Thus, it's equally significant to have good strategies.Let your brain work through Box Head - More Rooms. Dare to confront each of them? Good luck!

How to play

Shoot by the spacebar. Move around by the arrow keys. Change the weapons by the 1-9 keys.