Building Rush 2

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Don\'t waste a chance to earn lots of money in the construction business through playing Building Rush 2 – a strategy game. Your objective is to produce, sell as well as deliver building materials to the surrounding lots. Enjoy!At that time, you are the boss, remember! You must take control of the manufacturing and delivery of building materials to the construction sites in many cities. Then, build and upgrade your plants & construction fleets to generate and sell the building materials. Of course, deliver the goods as efficiently and quickly as possible to keep your guests satisfied and earn bigger bonuses. Be careful since your competitors may also set up factories to steal your business!The better your performance is, the much more money you will earn to spend on upgrades. You are allowed to replay completed levels to improve your scores and earn much cash for upgrades! Good time in Building Rush 2!

How to play

The game is activated with the only mouse.