Burrito Bison Revenge

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Burrito Bison Revenge is considered the next chapter of the famous Burrito Bison game. Today, you are requested to come back to Candy Land and recover your stolen wallet from loads of the ugly bear-stards! Here we are!

First, begin your adventure with the "Normal Mode". Simply adjust the right power to release Bison into the sky. While flying, you should once again explode, crash, and smash your way through the Candy defense so as to claim your wallet. The task should be ideally done so that you have a chance to play "Survival mode" and continue your destruction, which is to slaughter as many gummies as you want! Consider buying cool upgrades in the shop and beating the longer distances.

Follow the instructions given by Burrito Bison Revenge for each opponent to receive a speed boost. Don't forget to perfect your launch to earn extra cash that you may spend to move on to the next levels.

How to play

The Mouse and Spacebar key: Control Mr. Bison.