Castaway Troops

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What do you think about a fighting version of the classic game, called Snake? How incredible, right? Please control your troops to battle against enemies on 5 different lands while saving gold and improving your weapons and armor to beat up all the foes! Try best to survive in Castaway Troops!First of all, feel free to lead a troop of pets so that they are nicely able to battle against hordes of enemies across five different lands. Consider gathering as many pets as you can. Along the way, it is also important to steer your squad of monsters when they cut a path of destruction through stages filled with various hostiles and power-ups. Then, save up this precious gold to have your armor and weapons upgraded which can help to unleash even more damage to these tough bosses.Let's set Castaway Troops in motion and have a sweet time!

How to play

Step with the WASD/arrow keys. Take control over the game by the left mouse.