Civilizations Wars

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Wonder what did happen when the Earth was first shaped? The answer can be unearthed if you spend time on jumping into the playfield of Civilizations Wars! There is no time to hesitate! Just follow us!After the Earth had its own formation, humans started fighting against each other for lands and authority. Today, you are in charge of the commander of your race and your duty is to conquer all the buildings on the map. First of all, click and hold the mouse over one of your buildings to choose it. While holding, please move the mouse over an enemy or an empty building you want to attack and release. Remember to battle through 99 levels, capture 11 varieties of buildings, master 18 skills, cast 10 spells, beat up 3 huge monsters, unlock 100 achievements, and figure out one secret force in the end.Just show us your impressive performances during Civilizations Wars! We wish you luck and cheerful!

How to play

The cursor: Interact with the game interface.