Coaster Racer 2

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What do you think if we invite you to a stimulating racing competition? How cool and fascinating the idea is! Coaster Racer 2 is designed to help every joiner have a chance to demonstrate their brilliant driving skill! Here we come!It is really easy to recognize that the game does challenge its players to a lot of intense levels. What mainly to do now! The first job revolves around selecting your vehicle of preference. It can be a bike or car. Ah, it is absolutely possible to switch the option at the end of every race. Then, cleverly steer your chosen vehicle to overcome other weighty opponents and win a noble victory. The best way to boost its speed is to get the Nitro Booster activated. The perfect use of the gathered money is to make deals on power-ups or other essential items for the vehicle.Got it? How smart you are! Feel free to partake in Coaster Racer 2 and have a sweet time!

How to play

How to play

Use the WASD/Arrow keys to brake, accelerate, and turn left/right. Use the N/X key to activate Nitro. Use the M/Z key to express such the splendid stunts.