Comic Stars Fighting 3.2

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Wow! The new innovation of Comic Stars Fighting is now accessible over the online world. Are you one of its fans? Click the Play button to get started right now! Comic Stars Fighting 3.2 tells about aggressive battles of comic stars with bloodthirsty zombies and other terrifying enemies. Come on!The game comes with two main modes – Survival and Battle. Choose your favorite one, and then enter the official arena. As an action game, it primarily focuses on controlling the main character to slay all the enemies so that he gets all the glory. Interestingly, two players are able to engage in the fighting competition at the same time without opposing each other. Instead, they should cooperate with each other to destroy the strong and dangerous opponents. Try to launch the best attacks on them like dashing, smashing, kicking, hitting, etc.!Good luck to you, players of Comic Stars Fighting 3.2!

How to play

Player 1. AD keys: Go around. The JKLOIU keys: Attack. Player 2. The left and right arrow keys: Go around. The 123456 keys: Attack.