Comic Stars Vs Zombies

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Another update of Comic Stars series is now in front of you eyes! But, it's believed that the game is more severe and aggressive than its previous chapters. Enjoy Comic Stars Vs Zombies to learn more!A large number of zombies are coming to your town. They mop up every house, corner, and everything they encounter. No one survives, but you! And you are the last line of defense. Don't let them catch you, or you cannot live in the world anymore! Just get prepared to fight against them! Don't worry! We are out there to instruct you! Today, players are required to role-play many best fighters one by one. Each fighter has his own special skills and tricks. Some skills need a certain level, while others require Strength Power or Magic Power to start. But the main target is to beat all the enemies to death!Good luck and wish you to succeed with Comic Stars Vs Zombies!

How to play

Arrow keys: Walk anywhere. The Z key: Slide. The X key: Throw. The P or Esc key: Pause the game.