Contra Flash

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Have ever considered working for a secretive agency? Land on Contra Flash to experience this cool feeling now! Get started for something new!During the game, players shall take control of either Bill or Lance. Direct your picked fighter how to penetrate into the rivals' territory successfully. In regard to the task, keep playing to find out the dark secret here. While wandering around all large areas, you should be clever & careful to preserve the character's health. Search for the opponents and then shoot them right after spotting their shadow. Don't forget to gather valuable Eagle medals along the path, because they can enhance the hero's power and energy.A lot of frightening challenges are just waiting for you in Contra Flash! Be a great fighter to fulfill all missions!

How to play

Player 1: Press WASD to move and JK to attack & jump. Player 2: Tap the arrow keys to move and 1-2 keys to launch action.