Crazy Flasher 5 Andy Law

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Do you know Andy? Actually, he came back in Crazy Flasher 5: Andy Law! What's cool you'll experience in his travel now? For more info, hit Start button right away!Without a doubt, you'll confront a brand-new mission in this new chapter. Help Andy to rescue his teammates from the foes' imprisonment. With your helpful hand, he is surely able to overcome all of the tough challenges. Firstly, let him penetrate into the rivals' base and seek the hostiles. Right after seeing them, quickly use a sharp knife to defeat them. The opponents will be stronger in the coming stages; thus, make sure that you equip Andy with powerful weapons, like cannon, rifles, MP-4, and more. Remember to pick up scattered useful items along the way, while focusing on the HP bar to grasp the current situation.Savor Crazy Flasher 5: Andy Law to get unforgettable times with Andy!

How to play

Move: WASD keys. Attack: The mouse. Interact: The spacebar. Change weapons: 1-4 keys. Reload: R key.