Crazy Zombie 3.0

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Zombies do come back through Crazy Zombie V3.0. More terribly, they kill everyone and devastate anything they encounter. How to prevent their violent assault? Only you can become the best hero! Crush down these bloodthirsty creatures, dear all guys!First, pick up a bold and brilliant hero of your favorite. Please guide him/her to move forwards, assist other people, and slaughter all the zombies. Importantly, nothing is better than alertly and cautiously making the most of the hero's special abilities. Merely tap on the prescribed buttons to let him/her kick, jump, defend, slide, make use of impressive powers, etc. Once fighting, players should also zero much in on the counter-attacks launched by the zombies to protect the hero's life. Besides, ask other's support to accomplish the main task in the soonest time.Happy time with Crazy Zombie V3.0!

How to play

Player 1: Move by the W, A, S, D keys and attack by the U, I, J, K, L keys. Player 2: Move by the arrow keys and attack by the 1-5 keys.