Crazy Zombie 5.0

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What are you doing today, guys? Why don't you accompany us to the newest edition of Crazy Zombie v5.0 right now? The game absolutely impresses you by a lot of striking fighting performances. Let's get started here!This chapter asks you to role-play a bold hero, whose duty is to save the Earth from the invasion of ugly zombies. The most horrible thing here is the undead are willing to destroy every invention and slaughter everybody without scruple. Please swiftly move your character to the battlefield and guide him to fight against such the aggressive hostiles. Cautiously instruct the hero to move, jump on, and launch his special attacks so that he can easily knock out the foes. Additionally, concentrate on the Health and Energy bar to know what your fighter is okay or not. Continue playing to unlock more high-skilled characters!Feel free to conquer Crazy Zombie v5.0 and demonstrate us your true ability!

How to play

Player 1: Move by the WASD keys & take action by the UIOJKL keys. Player 2: Walk by the arrow keys & take action by the 123456 keys