Cursed Treasure Lp

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As a TD type, Cursed Treasure Lp does not only impress you by the eye-catching theme, but there is also a cliffhanging and thrilling story inside. Don't be hesitant to follow us for more information!The story is all about a large kingdom that is powerfully protected by divine colored gems. The King has just stored them in a dungeon at the high hill's top. However, the land's prosperity is now being threatened by the greedy guys. They are marching over to the dungeon with the aim of stealing all these stones. The King is calling for your support, dear excellent commanders! The best way to cope with them is to make use of the TD Deployment strategy. In detail, place the turrets or towers along the baddies' road in order to prevent their progress as well as evil plan.Let us see your brilliance in the combat against the ugly people, dear players! Have much fun with Cursed Treasure Lp!

How to play

The left mouse: DO the tricks.