Cursed Treasure

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Have you played Cursed Treasure before, friends? Do you know the hidden story in this game? Alright, step to the main screen to discover the secret right now! Hurry up!For centuries, in a poor kingdom, the King didn't know what to do to help his people have a prosperous life. Fortunately, one day, while hunting in a forest, he unintentionally picked up a pocket of stones. From that moment, everything has changed. No sadness, no depression; instead, the Kingdom and the people's life have been improved. Knowing the secret of those magic stones, some enemies decided to steal them. The players have to assist the King in protecting his gems. Let's build a firm and strong defensive system with some powerful fortresses, such as Crypt, Den, and Temple to attack the intruders. Never let them take away the stones! Upgrade your protective towers or buy the advanced ones to strengthen the power.Got it? Move to Cursed Treasure to wipe off all the invaders! Hope you succeed!

How to play

Utilize the mouse to relish this TD game.