Dangerous Creeper

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Welcome you all to Dangerous Creeper – a thrilling adventure game, which takes its inspiration from the Minecraft world! The game is a good chance for those who want to challenge their courage and skills during the journey with a green creeper. Let’s go!You should be clever and quick-eyed enough to guide the main character through a rich mine so that he’s able to get many valuable resources, i.e. diamonds, gold, coal, and so on. To free way through the mine, there is nothing greater than releasing bombs to explode lots of rocks and collect these resources. However, remember that banging on too many rocks can make his health lower. Don’t miss other beneficial bonuses, such as yellow bombs (mega-bombs), red bombs (increase the bombs’ power), red crosses (improve health), clocks (add more time), and so on.Have fun with Dangerous Creeper! Good luck to you!

How to play

The game is totally controlled by using the mouse.