Death Squad

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Urgent! The Earth is now in danger, due to the invasion of aggressive hostiles. No one, but the Death Squad from the outer space can prevent their tension assault. As a brave warrior, you must also do something to protect the world! Hurry up!Well, the game also requests its players to fulfill many important duties, such as crash all the invaders, spend time in finding new tools, upgrade weapons & ships, etc. Of course, by hook or by crook, do best to accomplish all objectives so as to win a final resounding victory! Ah, pay much attention to 2 modes: "Abilities mode" (attain the permanent bonuses) and "Stats & Achievements" (explore something secretive and exciting). We advise you to orderly follow all detailed instructions in the game so as to end your journey flawlessly and successfully.Got it? Don't be reluctant anymore! Jump into Death Squad to prove your true talents, dear gamers!

How to play

Just interact with the game by availing the left mouse.