Disaster Will Strike 5

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If you have ever enjoyed Disaster Will Strike, it is sure that you cannot deny the great attraction of Disaster Will Strike 5, packed with spectacular innovations! The game starts its story by telling the first objects on the Earth – The birds' eggs. But, everything worst did happen when the dinosaurs' eggs just woke up. They aimed to destroy all the birds' eggs so as to become the only survivors. How to deal with them? It is time to summon disasters – the only supporters that can help us explode such the aggressive eggs into pieces. Today, you are assigned to become an excellent controller of these disasters! Feel anxious? Come on!The first job revolves around learning how to take control of such the disasters so that they're able to teach the dinosaurs' eggs a lesson. Though you must overcome a lot of levels, the main task here is simply to arrange the given disasters in smart and logical plots so that the foes are eradicated while avoiding damaging the birds' egg!

How to play

Have a memorable moment with Disaster Will Strike 5!