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What Diseviled wants you to do are to wander around all castles and fight against loads of the evil demons and monsters. Feel confident to overcome all the upcoming challenges? Here we come!Remember you are one of the Diseviled souls that lives inside the hell. Today, you are summoned to the castle so as to crush down all the demons. Well, only you can let them experience the sense of fear. Further, it is necessary to complete all the in-game tasks, slay all the demons, and collect as many coins & gems as possible along the way. As you process, don't forget to unlock achievements while making sure that the castle is demon-free!Let us see your spectacular performances in Diseviled! Try best and good luck!

How to play

Arrows/WASD: Go around. L/C key: Actions/Attack. S/Down arrow key: Power strike/block. K/X key: Fire balls.