Dolphin Olympics 2

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Dolphin Olympics 2 – an interesting game – revolves around performing tricks to get the highest score. See an adorable dolphin ahead? He's your main character today! Just help him perform tricks, leap over hoops, and lead other fish to get out of the water. Get ready? Come on!First of all, please use the right and left arrow keys while your dolphin is now airborne flips and rolls. The best way to gain the "incredible entry" bonus is to land his nose first into the water! Make efforts to do a lot of tricks and gather as many points as possible within only two minutes. Your score heavily depends on the type and number of each stunt you perform. As a result, taking off quickly after releasing a jump will let you carry out combo stunts, which will let you rack up the score points.Got it, dear players? How nice and impressive Dolphin Olympics 2 is! Hope that you show us loads of imposing performances, dear all gamers!

How to play

Accelerate or roll by using the Up/Down key. Turn by using the Left/Right key.