Double Edged

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Are you free? Have nothing to do? Well, why don't you get yourself involved in Double Edged immediately? The ancient-themed fighting game impresses its fans with a stimulating story. Play it here!Every joiner is required to guide a brave knight to slaughter all the invaders trying to devastate his homeland. Of course, he fails to protect the land if these enemies go through the portal successfully. Get the sword in his hand activated and direct him to many logical positions so as to fight against and prevail over them. Keep wary and focused because he can be suddenly assaulted anytime. Carefully observe the whole game map to avoid their counter-attacks.That is the life-and-death fight, remember! Show us your confidence by visiting Double Edged right now!

How to play

Travel around by the arrow/ASDW keys. Attack and jump by the GH ( or <>) keys.