Dream Car Racing Evo

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Today, we're pleased to lead you towards a very nice driving game, named Dream Car Racing Evo! What to do here? Simply equip yourself with a few basic skills. Hit the Start button to savor it instantly!The game does provide players with 2 cool chances: First, witness a lot of stunning driving performances on the race. Second, design their vehicle of dream. Sounds amazing, huh? It's quite possible to see different parts of the car in the garage. Use your intelligence and potential to perfectly combine them so that the racing vehicle can be faster and more efficient. After the car is well done, quickly participate in the race to test your result, and what do you see? Is it good or bad? Because the car still has something unfinished and needs to be improved, keep cautious when running on the rough and unsmooth path.Avoid crashing anywhere. Have a good time in Dream Car Racing Evo!

How to play

WASD/arrow keys: Drive. The Spacebar key: Activate the engine. The mouse: Interact.