Drink Beer Neglect Family

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Drink Beer, Neglect Family is an awesome platform game where you main job is to drink as much beer as possible! What's happened? The secret is just unveiled through a few seconds.At present, you role-play a neglectful dad. Please move across many different platforms, climb ladders, as well as drop down from bridges as you collect beer and avoid any photographs of your family members. Each time drinking beer, you also experience a unique effect that surely makes your task more difficult, ranging from flashing eyes to vomiting every few seconds. Besides, it must also some wild brew to get you in such a state so fast.So, how do you feel? Drink Beer, Neglect Family is highly fun with retro graphics, soft sound and good sense of humor. Happy time!

How to play

Move with the Left and Right keys. Jump with the Z key. Climb ladders with Up and Down arrow keys. Drop form bridges with Down arrow key.