Dungeon Warfare

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Today, we're pleased to send you the good news. Dungeon Warfare – a strategy TD game – is now accessible to visit, all fellows! Don't just glance at the screen only! Accompany us to the playfield instead!Role-playing a dungeon lord who's entrusted with a task of defending a dark cave from humans' invasion is what you must deal with. Do you see an entrance at the end of the path? The ultimate mission is to prevent all the rivals from penetrating into here, or the Lord's health might quickly decrease. How? It's advisable to buy and place many robust traps and turrets along the road strategically. As soon as the hostiles show up, such the defensive system will automatically knock them out. Continue making deals on any new advanced towers to enhance the system's power. Diamonds or any kind of treasure will be yours if you do the task well.The final consequence of Dungeon Warfare just depends on your leadership! Good luck!

How to play

Only the mouse is held to beat the enemies.