Egg Knight

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After many years under the Dark Army, Egg Knights have an opportunity to be free now. It's all about Kiev – the unmasked prophet from the future – whose missions are to unite the vigorous power of all the Egg Knights as well as fight the enemy forces. Get ready? Come on!While playing soccer with his friends, Kiev stumbled upon a mysterious relic shaped just like an egg. Incredibly, the egg had a weird message about brave knights; thus, Kiev decided to read the message. But, his world suddenly had turned upside down. After wandering around a wormhole, Kiev woke up to a really new world. Upon awakening, he just recognized that the egg which he just read looked very different. Instead of getting old and dull, the relic looked new and shiny. Once Kiev was ready to abandon the bizarre relic, it suddenly activated and transformed him into one of the pure knights. And your target is to use Kiev's new powers to battle against the Dark Army, train his skills uncover the strange story behind the egg, collect an egg-cellent army, and defeat the Dark Army once!Good luck with Egg Knight!

How to play

The mouse.