Elephant Quest

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Move on to Elephant Quest to assist a little elephant in a difficult situation, guys! A bully took away his hat and never returned. Now, he needs to make a journey to get back his belonging. Help him now, players!The game includes a pack of many levels which the little elephant must get through if wanting to penetrate into the bully's hide-out and retrieve the hat. In each one, there are 2 portals. Control him so as to make his entrance in the first one, and then let him get through traps, monsters, and obstacles. Try to enter the exit portal to complete the current level. Especially, monsters are extremely harmful, so it's necessary to activate his weapon to slash them and free way for him.Get hurried to savor Elephant Quest and guide the elephant during his journey. Wish you can help him get back the hat. Here we go!

How to play

Press the left, right, up and down arrow keys to move and activate the door. The left mouse is to interact with everything.