Epic War 2

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Epic War 2 is known as an impressive TD game! The 2nd version simply requires its fans to prevent the rising Dark Force. How hard it is! But it will not let you down, right? Here we come!Protecting the Castle of the King from an onslaught of enemies is the urgent task to perform! How? The first job is about setting up a turret on your own land, and then activating the "Auto mode" so that it can automatically fire the arrows at these hateful invaders. Next, recruit, train, and send your troop to the opponents' foundation. The ultimate goal is to destroy the rivals' castle in the shortest time. More "mana" should be earned to hire as many units as possible and cast Special Spells. Since each unit has their own skills and abilities, rest assured that you're aware of them all.Try best to win a noble victory during Epic War 2! Good luck!

How to play

Control the arrows by the up/down arrow keys. Fire by the A/S key. Increase the mana by the Spacebar key. Manage the game by the mouse.