Epic War 3

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Epic War 3 is nicely known as the latest and best update throughout the defense style gaming series. If you cannot wait to discover its content anymore, keep mind open and free before landing on the playfield. Here we are!The chief requests include summoning creatures and defeating your enemy creatures by using skills and strategies. While both creatures and spells are only represented by cards, it's possible to equip up to 6 skill cards and 6 creature cards. You also have permission to own 16 levels or castles in the game. For the commencement, every player is permitted to possess 3 castles. Each turn, they can select one castle to attack. After their turn, each of the computer rivals begins a turn. Overcoming all the levels reward you with more experience points for your chosen hero as well as valuable gold to make deals on the advanced upgrades. Leveling up your character will unlock more cards while every spell card and creature may be upgraded via spending gold.Got it? Have a real experience about Epic War 3 here!

How to play

The game is taken control of by the mouse.