Epic War 4

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What to expect from Epic War 4? The game is not only listed as the saga of Epic War 3, but it also brings you new perspective on action games! Such the strategic warfare game starts out easily, but has a difficulty curve in the end. Let's go!There are 16 levels in the game which may be done on 3 degrees of difficulty: Normal, Hard and Epic. How about the main job? That is to summon loads of creatures and cast spells to beat all the opponent creatures to deal. Reaching your enemy castle and devastating it are the final goals. Conquering the battles also rewards you with gold, which is useful to upgrade heroes, units, as well as spells. Six different upgrades are just included for your castle. Meanwhile levels can be also repeated to get more gold.Don't be scared! Epic War 4 become easier to control if you are confident of your ability!

How to play

Move with Left & Right Arrow Key. Select all units with A key. Pick up all heroes with S key. Deselect all units with D key. Cast Spell with 1-6 keys. Control Units with QWERTYUIO keys. Confirm units/Spells placement with Spacebar key. Pause with P key. Move Turret with Up & Down Arrow keys.