Fatal Fighters

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Hello, everyone! Get fed up with other puzzle games framed with the traditional theme? If so, change your taste by enjoying Fatal Fighters right away! As a breathtaking turned-based combat element, the game also contains a puzzle-based fighting system. Here we are!In general, this puzzle game will ask you to brilliantly group at least three identical blocks so as to sharpen your fighting skills which are very useful for the upcoming battle with the contenders. In every turn, players need to have a suitable way to assault the hostiles. But remember that the possible ways are just shown after several certain groups. It's worth noticing that the ugly foes also possess a specific amount of power for the combat. Thus, please keep self conscious and give out the tactical strategy to win a final victory.Fatal Fighters definitely knocks your socks off at the first sight. No time to hesitate any more! Explore the playing arena here!

How to play

The mouse is only used to activate the game.