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You are predicted to be addicted to Onet Minecraft after playing it once. Don’t believe that? Our saying can be clearly proved if you give this game a try. It is considered a matching game, where you have to think too much. Let your brain work now!

Before playing, you are advised to recall Pikachu match game because two of them are likewise. The objective is to find out the pairs of the similar images as well as connect them together. Be careful! The path between such images is said to have a maximum of 3 lines. If you fail in following this rule, then you are a loser, too! Before the timer bar runs out, make sure to have all of the Minecraft images removed from the screen. Remember to get the point game for a memorable experience. Show your score after playing the game successfully.

Onet Minecraft is close to your eyes. Don’t miss it, no matter what, otherwise you will feel regretful! Let’s go!

The mouse: Maneuver the game play.

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Floppy Craft http://unblockedcoolgames.com/floppy-craft/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/floppy-craft/#respond Thu, 02 Mar 2017 10:00:21 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/floppy-craft/ Floppy Craft

Floppy Craft becomes a good choice for those who love a cool blend of Minecraft and Flappy Bird. To know the game’s rules, nimbly enter the playfield right here! Let’s play!

Before getting the game started, you should recall basic rules of Flappy Bird because this edition is likewise. To gain high scores, there is nothing greater than proving your cleverness and good skill at flying through a horrible forest full of vertical pillars with small and narrow gaps. The primary objective is to continuously click to control the craftsman – the main character – in an expert way so that he may get through these gaps. Did you know that this game made lots of players crazy? Try to control your mood when something bad happens.

Floppy Craft is suited to those who have high patience. Come here to enjoy this terrific game now!

Click the left mouse to play the game.

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FightingCraft http://unblockedcoolgames.com/fightingcraft/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/fightingcraft/#respond Thu, 02 Mar 2017 10:00:14 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/fightingcraft/ FightingCraft

Wow, another Minecraft-liked game is close to your eyes. Yes, what we mention is FightingCraft! Its interesting content will surely catch your attention at the first time of playing! Let’s explore!

The game tells about a craftsman, who wants to earn money for his house restoration. That’s why he pushes as many sticks as possible. What you must do is so simple. That is to move him to the left and right directions in order that he finds its easy to do the job and record on higher scores. Don’t hit the tree branches, or the game is over right away. Try best to gain high score since it will be not only ranked with the list of others who have played the game, but also used to be in exchange of another craftsman of dream. Who can say no to this alluring opportunity?

Finally, I wish you will be in love with FightingCraft after grasping its content and rules. Good luck!

Make use of the cursor to do all tasks in the game.

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SuperCraft http://unblockedcoolgames.com/supercraft/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/supercraft/#respond Thu, 02 Mar 2017 08:00:06 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/supercraft/ SuperCraft

Blow your mind with a Minecraft-inspired platform game, namely SuperCraft, players! What is more interesting here is its story. It is about a superhero who falls in love thrilling adventures. Once realizing that the Minecraft world is now under siege of a group of dangerous zombies and creepers, he decides to save it, of course, with your great help! Get ready? Come on!

At first, make sure to keep Steve in balance in the sky with the mouse before starting the battle. The reason is that this is a fight on air. Secondly, guide the hero how to aim and shoot at all of the flying enemies. Do best to do two these tasks at the same time so that he does not drop while still winning a victory. Otherwise, the game is over right now! The more enemies are being shot to death, the higher scores and greater bonuses you can gain soon.

So, what do you think? It is hard to say NO to SuperCraft, right? Hope that you will succeed.

Fly with mouse.
Shoot with spacebar key.

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Mine Caves http://unblockedcoolgames.com/mine-caves/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/mine-caves/#respond Wed, 04 Jan 2017 09:16:24 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/mine-caves/ Mine Caves

Get ready to play Mine Caves – a game for all ages? The content is easy to grab and play for sure! It revolves around an adventure of a Minecraft guy in dungeon. And you are required to become his assistant after entering the game!

The game comes with 2 primary activities. At first, move around the dungeon to gather all valuable gems. But, it is not easy to complete this task since a lot of obstacles, such as bats, traps, water, etc. are available to prevent his way. So, don’t forget to follow the in-game hints for support. The next task is about finding the way to exit. Please guide the main protagonist by using the arrow keys. Every player is rewarded with 3 lives to enjoy the game. If you fail in dealing with such the obstacles, then 1 of 3 lives will be gone. Be careful!

We believe that Mine Caves will spark your interest for sure. Come on!

The left mouse or arrow keys are pressed to have the game activated.

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Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D http://unblockedcoolgames.com/minecraft-zumbi-blocks-3d/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/minecraft-zumbi-blocks-3d/#respond Wed, 04 Jan 2017 09:13:32 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/minecraft-zumbi-blocks-3d/ Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D

Urgent! The walking dead wake up, and they now roam around a beautiful city with the aim of making it in ruin. Please rescue all poor citizens from their outbreak before it’s too late! Engage in Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D and complete the mission of protecting the world.

At that time, you are required to guide Steve – the only hero in this battle – so that he can crush down all of these zombies. It is easy to realize that a rifle he holds is the only weapon. It may be reloaded without limitation. Simply adjust this weapon to exactly aim and fire at the enemies. Meanwhile, Steve’s health for the fight is also restricted to a certain amount. Thus, watch out for all directions because the enemies are suddenly able to assault him any time. The best way to recover his health is run away from their assaults in urgent cases.

Partake in Minecraft: Zumbi Blocks 3D and start the battle now!

Go around by using the ASDW/arrow keys.
Reload by the R key.
Run away by the Shift key.
Aim and shoot by the mouse.

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Idle Mine EX http://unblockedcoolgames.com/idle-mine-ex/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/idle-mine-ex/#respond Wed, 04 Jan 2017 09:12:04 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/idle-mine-ex/ Idle Mine EX

In most of Minecraft adventure games, players tend to take a trip to rich mines where they can search for hidden treasures. But, there is no need to go everywhere any more as Idle Mine EX has all you need to mine. Feel curious about how to play this exciting game? Let’s get started right away!

Yes, the game brings players a cool opportunity to explore a giant treasure. They are only required to click valuable stones, such as sapphires, copper, crystals, gold, white rocks, and more. Awesomely, such the constant clicks reward them with much cash, which will be then added to their budget. The best way to use this budget is to spend it on powerful upgrades which may boost the mining period.

Wow! It is hard to say no to Idle Mine EX, right? Enjoy the fun moments here!

The amazing game is controlled by using the left mouse.

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Idle Mineral Miner http://unblockedcoolgames.com/idle-mineral-miner/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/idle-mineral-miner/#respond Wed, 04 Jan 2017 08:58:29 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/idle-mineral-miner/ Idle Mineral Miner

When playing any Minecraft game, you often spend much time going everywhere (such as mountains, hills, plains, etc.) to mine and collect valuable resources or treasures, right? But, Idle Mineral Miner does bring you a new perspective. What is it? Explore the game here!

Today, you simply stand on only one place and mine everything you want. It’s easy to realize that the game gives you a rock that should be mined to earn HP points and minerals. Then, spend the collected number of HP points on new upgrades (such as Speed and Damage) to speed up the digging process. Sometimes, the minerals may be converted into mud or copper which are surely useful for some certain cases later. Wow! It is indeed a brilliant opportunity for players to possess precious and incredible things from the Minecraft world, right?

Come on! There is no reason to refuse to play Idle Mineral Miner! Enjoy the game and good luck!

The idle clicker game is wholly played by using the left mouse.

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Minecraft scene creator http://unblockedcoolgames.com/minecraft-scene-creator/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/minecraft-scene-creator/#respond Wed, 04 Jan 2017 08:57:34 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/minecraft-scene-creator/ Minecraft scene creator

The Minecraft world is always lively, vivid and full of activities, ranging from humans to animals. While Steve is thirsty for challenging adventures to fight for justice and right or starts discovering a lot of rich mines, animals are likely to roam around forests or farms to satisfy their hunger. Want to create a Minecraft vista, based on these images? Then, Minecraft scene creator – a stimulating Minecraft game – becomes a good choice, players! Let’s go!

It is interesting to know that the game provides its players with all stunning decorations and needful resources (i.e. lava blocks, skeletons, trees, endermen, diamonds, colored creepers, grass, copper, gold, zombies, dirt, and more) so that they can complete the designing process with ease. Sounds great, right? What you must do is to drag those decorations and items of favorite in suitable positions so that a meaningful picture of the Minecraft world in your mind will be nicely formed.

Hopefully, you will have a fun and memorable time in Minecraft scene creator!

This creative game is only played by using the left mouse.

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ZombiesCraft http://unblockedcoolgames.com/zombiescraft/ http://unblockedcoolgames.com/zombiescraft/#respond Wed, 04 Jan 2017 08:33:21 +0000 http://unblockedcoolgames.com/zombiescraft/ ZombiesCraft

It is dangerous to know that the Minecraft world is now being attacked by hordes of zombies. As normal, Steve fights against these gruesome zombies to protect the world. Don’t hesitate to engage in ZombiesCraft and give him a hand, dear all guys!

At that time, what you must do is to guide Steve to the zombies’ cave where he may detect and crush them down. A useful tip here is to observe the radar at the top of the screen to determine exactly where the enemies are. Remember that they are able to lurk behind giant rocks, blocks and other obstacles. That’s why players should be clever, careful and alert while looking for them. Plus, XP points will be also gradually gathered from their death. It is better to spend these points honing skills and statuses for Steve.

Get ready to enjoy ZombiesCraft? Good luck!

Direct Steve by the WASD keys.
Release assaults by the mouse.

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