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Wow, another Minecraft-liked game is close to your eyes. Yes, what we mention is FightingCraft! Its interesting content will surely catch your attention at the first time of playing! Let’s explore!The game tells about a craftsman, who wants to earn money for his house restoration. That’s why he pushes as many sticks as possible. What you must do is so simple. That is to move him to the left and right directions in order that he finds its easy to do the job and record on higher scores. Don’t hit the tree branches, or the game is over right away. Try best to gain high score since it will be not only ranked with the list of others who have played the game, but also used to be in exchange of another craftsman of dream. Who can say no to this alluring opportunity?Finally, I wish you will be in love with FightingCraft after grasping its content and rules. Good luck!

How to play

Make use of the cursor to do all tasks in the game.