Fire And Ice Elves

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Get eager to accompany two naughty elves – Fire And Ice Elves – through their adventure in the Mystic Forest? Here we are!The red gem is known as the most valuable thing in the Elf community. Awesomely, there's a place full of this priceless stone: the Mystic Forest. After getting the duty from the leading villager, both Ice Elf and Fire Elf soon begin their discovery. Along the way, such the elves must confront a lot of different monsters; hence, your main task is to help them overcome any tough condition. At the same time, instruct both cute creatures how to explore the forest and pick up the gems. Besides, aid them evading all deadly traps, like holes, spikes, or gaps. Remember that Fire Elf is capable of controlling flames while Ice Elf is good at freezing the water.No time to waste anymore! Hope that you enjoy great moments in Fire And Ice Elves, dear guys!

How to play

The arrow keys are for controlling Ice Elf. The WASD keys are for instructing Fire Elf.