Flappy Sonic And Tails

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Most of us are familiar with Flappy Bird – a crazy game created by a Vietnamese, right? Today, don't miss a chance to enjoy its derivative version, called Flappy Sonic And Tails. It is a wonderful mix of Flappy Bird and Sonic the Hedgehog. The game is themed by the Sonic's hallmark and its content is quite similar to Flappy Bird. Play here!Put simply, you must control Sonic – the main character – through a jungle full of green pipes. Try best to go through a lot of gaps created by such pipes for points. The best way to gain points is to show your clever skills. You are required to keep Sonic always in balance in the air. If he touches any surface, the game stops right away!Got it? Flappy Sonic And Tails sounds simple but very challenging!

How to play

The mouse or the spacebar is used to control the game.