Floppy Craft

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Floppy Craft becomes a good choice for those who love a cool blend of Minecraft and Flappy Bird. To know the game’s rules, nimbly enter the playfield right here! Let’s play!Before getting the game started, you should recall basic rules of Flappy Bird because this edition is likewise. To gain high scores, there is nothing greater than proving your cleverness and good skill at flying through a horrible forest full of vertical pillars with small and narrow gaps. The primary objective is to continuously click to control the craftsman – the main character – in an expert way so that he may get through these gaps. Did you know that this game made lots of players crazy? Try to control your mood when something bad happens.Floppy Craft is suited to those who have high patience. Come here to enjoy this terrific game now!

How to play

Click the left mouse to play the game.