Frozen Islands

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It is truly terrible to know that a prosperous and peaceful island is now under attack from an angry ice giant. Please quickly visit Frozen Islands to fight for the independence as well as rescue villagers from this horrifying enemy, dear guys! Let's go!Look! It is easy to realize that all villagers have been frozen. Thus, your deed is their final ray of hope! Each player will role-play an excellent commander who trains the Viking warriors well. Your main duty is to click on the small panels in the ship and then bring them to the island. At present, they'll automatically battle against the upcoming hostiles. In this epic combat, nothing is more necessary than upgrading the home unit and collecting robust items scattered along the island. Don't forget the ultimate goal: That is to prevail over the ice giant.Spend time on experiencing Frozen Islands – a strategy action-runner game! Here we are!

How to play

The left mouse is managed to enjoy Frozen Islands.