Gemcraft Labyrinth

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Take a bit of time to explore the mystery in Gemcraft Labyrinth, guys! The story here is about the King who owns a marvelous orb that's used to keep his Kingdom always prosperous. Will that magic object save when many people want to steal it? Let's see!No way, dozens of hostiles from the Deadly Forest are reaching the Kingdom to take away that miracle orb. The players must act now! Please pay attention to the enemies' direction, and then, use the available items from the board (on the right side) to craft some power tools. With these weapons, you can prevent the non-stop waves of the evil foes. Simply place them along the path to let them attack your intruders automatically. Never let the hostiles touch the orb, or something bad will happen. Build big walls, make powerful traps, and use Specials to defend the Kingdom here.Importantly, accumulate 'mana' to perform more things in Gemcraft Labyrinth! Good luck, guys!

How to play

Do all things with the mouse.